July 17th Update - New Hero & Patch Notes

Dear players,A new update (version No.1.30.6) for Legend of Ace is ready.Servers do not need offline for this new version, please restart your game and update the latest versionFollow us on Facebook, Twitter, for the latest news from the team. Thank you for your support

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update | Jul 17.2019

New hero “Azure Monster”- “Siren” is coming soon.

As a monster on the sea, Siren has nothing to do with the ugly and evil image of her kind. Her human face and fish body harmonize with each other, making her a gorgeous beauty. The melody of her harp, however, is what really attracts the sailors, even if they have heard countless legends during their voyages.

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news | Jul 09.2019

July 2nd Update - New Hero & Patch Notes

Dear players, A new update (version No.1.30.0) for Legend of Ace is ready. In preparation for this new version, servers will be offline for 3hours.

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update | Jul 02.2019

"Techno Gorgon" - is coming soon

"Techno Gorgon" - skin of Medusa is coming soon Check out this preview of the skin!

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news | Jun 28.2019
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  • normal
  • Obsession


    -15% cd

    -40% Rebirth Time

  • The roar of the abyss


    +15% crit

    Doubles Crit Rate

  • Tearing


    +15% asp

    Basic Attack deals bonus damage equal to 2% of target's Max Health

  • Quantum Transition


    -10% cd

    When hero reaches Lv8, doubles the Attribute of [Quantum Transition]

  • Mechanical Transformation


    +20 def

    Regenerate yourself only at base and tower