New Hero “The Shadow Archer” Is Coming Soon

The new hero “The Shadow Archer ”- “Clint” is coming soon.25 years ago, the sealed Abyss Rift was opened in the Magic Forest, and unnumbered monsters with magic items spilt from it.Various factions and adventurers from across the continent came to there for treasures, with Azathoth among them.

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news | Feb 21.2019

February 18th Update - Patch Notes

Dear players,A new update (version No.1.24.0) for Legend of Ace is ready.In preparation for this new version,servers will be offline during the following times:Australia(UTC/GMT+11):  February 18th, 17:00pm -21:00pm  North America (UTC/GMT-5): February 18th, 01:00am-05:00am 

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update | Feb 18.2019

Binding FaceBook Account,Enjoying Super Welfare

Dear players, to bring you better gaming experience, we are bringing a great bonus in the upcoming version: bind your Facebook account and you can upgrade all your cards for free!

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news | Feb 18.2019

The New Version Of The Game Adjustments

Dear players, to bring you better gaming experience, we are performing various optimization and adjustment to the game in addition to fixing the bugs.

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news | Feb 15.2019
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  • normal
  • rare
  • epic
  • legend
  • Fighting Mania


    [Fancy Strike] Get extra 5 pts of Energy each time hitting a hero.

  • Ancient Arena


    Ignore 40% of enemies’ armor inside the Arena.

  • Heavy Mech


    -40 basic movement speed

  • Armor Upgrade


    +50 Max Energy

  • Steam Shield


    [Mighty Hook] Generate a shield equivalent to (10+0.5*Cost Energy)% max HP.

  • Astrology


    12%  Cooldown Reduction, 12% Max Cooldown

  • Wander Hunter


    Deal 25(0.5)% extra Damage to Monsters. 

  • Quantum Transition


    When hero reaches Lv8, doubles the Attribute of [Quantum Transition].

  • Intrepid


    While Stealthed, gain 30(1) Basic Movement Speed and be immune to slowing.

  • Magnetizing Constitution


    When hit by basic attacks from enemy heroes , reduces their speed and movement speed by 35(1)% for 1.5s.

  • Magic Perfusion


    22% Crit Rate, 22% Attack Speed

  • Haunting


    Increase the haunted time of [Wandering Demon] by 5s with no slowing effects.

  • Archmage's Power


    Gain Attack Power equal to 20% of your Max Mana.

  • Eddy Charging Unit


     If [Eddy Current Coil] shrinks one enemy hero twice, the [Thunder Nemesis] will be charged by 25(1)%.

  • Bloody Night Carnival


    [Feast Carnival] :Increase the hp cost to 50%. After 4s,it's one more blast causing 60% damage and afflicting Mark of Blood.

  • Mechanical Transformation


    Regenerate yourself only at base and tower.

  • Annihilation


    10% Cooldown Reduction
    After using an ability, next Basic Attack deals bonus 80+0.5AP area damage (2s Cooldown).

  • Dead Wind


    Gain a layer of -[Dead Wind] after -[Slash Blade] for 8s . When up to 4 times, -[Slash Blade] deal extra 100+1.1ap Range damage and knock up enemies for 0.5s.

  • Magical Boots


    Gain 14+8(1)*Hero Lv Movement Speed.

  • Devastation


    The ability1 changes to [Devastation]: Leaps to a location, dealing ? damage and knocking up enemies for 1s.