April 18th Update - New Hero & Patch Notes

Dear players,A new update (version No.1.26.8) for Legend of Ace is ready.Servers do not need offline for this new version, please restart your game and update the latest versionFollow us on Facebook, Twitter, for the latest news from the team. Thank you for your support

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update | Apr 18.2019

New Hero “Witch of Tempest” Is Coming Soon

The new hero “Witch of Tempest”- “Morgan” is coming soon.Throughout her life, Morgan had lived with many identities: Sister, lover, priestess, wise woman, and the Queen.But most of them couldn't stop her from striving for the only one wish of her life—To kill King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

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news | Apr 15.2019

FaceBook Reward Adjustment

Dear players, because of the changes in the cards in the new version. The binding Facebook bonus has also been adjusted.

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news | Apr 11.2019

April 9th Update - New Hero & Patch Notes

Dear players,A new update (version No.1.26.0) for Legend of Ace is ready.In preparation for this new version, servers will be offline during the following times:

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update | Apr 09.2019
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  • normal
  • rare
  • epic
  • legend
  • Magnetizing Constitution


    [Thunder Nemesis] ignore 40% of armor.

  • Eddy Charging Unit


    During [Thunder Nemesis], you are invulnerable.

  • Lighting Flash


    After the punch of [Lighting Punch],  cooldown will be clear.
    Each subsequent [Lighting Punch] within the next 7s, the Mana Cost will increase by 40(-4)% in succession. (Max:4 times)

  • Manic thunder


    Grants a chance of [Unstable current] equal to 70% of Crit Rate.

  • Clear


    +200 Mana

  • Astrology


    10%  Cooldown Reduction, 10% Max Cooldown

  • Wander Hunter


    Deal 25(0.5)% extra Damage to Monsters. 

  • Quantum Transition


    When Hero reaches lv 15, doubles the Attribute of this card

  • Frost Dragon Bloodline


    [Wakefulness of Dragon Soul]: It's no longer immune from the disables, but increase  the damage by 40(1)% and the area of  damage by 1.5 meters.

  • Magic Perfusion


    22% Crit Rate, 22% Attack Speed

  • Archmage's Power


    Gain Attack Power equal to 20% of your Max Mana.

  • Mechanical Transformation


    Regenerate yourself only at base and tower.

  • Annihilation


    10% Cooldown Reduction
    After using an ability, next Basic Attack deals bonus 80+0.5AP area damage (2s Cooldown).

  • Magical Boots


    Unique Passive-Hurry: +40 Basic Movement Speed.

  • Devastation


    The ability1 changes to [Devastation]: Leaps to a location, dealing ? damage and knocking up enemies for 1s.

  • Hand-to-hand Combat


    Increase the Max Rage of [Bloody Battle] to 150 and increase the duration for 3(0.5)s.Gain 5 rage every second.