The new hero “Incarnation of Indra”- “Arjuna” is coming soon.

NEWS | Aug 09.2019

 The new hero “Incarnation of Indra”- “Arjuna” is coming soon.


Arjuna was born in Hastinapur. As a prince, he possesses a strong sense of responsibility, a deep solicitude for the people and outstanding combat skills. For his whole life, he had been guided by Ishwara, and legend had it that he was the incarnation of Indra.

Favored by fate, he obtained thousands of treasures, of which the most famous one was Gandiba, the divine bow crafted by Brahma. With 100 perfect dots and 1000 golden hooks on it, this legendary bow is larger than any other weapons in the world. It can help its owner stop any army or capture any country. In the face of its everlasting beauty brought by the countless colors, even the gods must kneel.

Using the power of Gandiba, Arjuna defeated every enemy in his way with the endless rain of golden arrows, becoming the invincible one in Trailokya.


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The skin of Arjuna will be updated together with new hero