The new hero “The Lord of Valhalla” - “Odin” is coming soon.

Odin, as the Lord of Asgard, had predicted the "Ragnarok" at the moment of drinking the frist drop of well of Mimir. To against the bitter predestination, Odin prepared on his own, and was determined to shoulder all this things...

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news | May 12.2020

The new hero “The Rain of Tears” - “Chalchiutlicue” is coming soon.

Chalchiuhtlicue is the Goddess of Rivers, Lakes and Rainstorm, and she is also the fourth deity who has become and mastered the sun. She has witnessed the destruction of the three eras and is deeply aware of how painful they are to the people. That's why she decided to create a wonderful world, a perfect world.

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news | Apr 07.2020

The new hero “Great Sage Equalling Heaven” - “Sun wukong” is coming soon.

World was in harmony and creatures started to thrive. In this very time, there was a divine stone that contained the essence of the sun and the moon. The stone monkey used the name of Sun Wukong to complete the goal and elixir.

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news | Mar 06.2020

The new hero “The Maid Of Orleans” - “Joan” is coming soon.

For Joan, death was not something horrible at all, as she didn't possess any love for this miserable world. All that she would regret for was only the people whom she couldn't save.

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news | Feb 17.2020