The new hero “Lord of Thunder” - “Zeus” is coming soon.

Zeus, who rules as king of the gods of Mount Olympus, is the dominator of thunder and the embodiment of power. He is such a well-known and mighty being that the whole Tartarus is filled with his legends and the bodies of his enemies. Under his reign, Mount Olympus has always been a place of peace and tranquility, until not long ago.

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news | Jan 07.2020

The new hero “Mother of the Stars”- “Nute” is coming soon.

Nute is known as Mother of the Stars and the Goddess of the Sky. This kindhearted deity has countless believers in both the human world and the underworld as she grants her love to both the living and the dead equally.

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news | Dec 23.2019

The new hero “Air Spirit”- “Sylph” is coming soon.

For those who enter the Spacetime Singularity, the first person they meet is always the same: a lovely, unthreatening Air Spirit called Sylph.

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news | Nov 26.2019

The new hero “Oni Hanzo”- “Harttori Masanari” is coming soon.

Hanzo doesn't refer to a person's name, but to the leader of ninjas, and it is the hereditary title of the Hattori family. The most famous one is the second-generation Hanzo, Hattori Masanari. Be careful. Maybe he is already behind you!

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news | Nov 15.2019