The new hero “The Secular Bird” - “Phoenix” is coming soon.

Golden Crow, FireBird, Garuda, Yel, Benu, Anka...The Secular Bird, Phoenix, has many names and tales around the world. However, Phoenix isn't from those worlds which were familiar to us. What we observed were only the projections from the Singularity.

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news | Oct 12.2020

The new hero “Goddess of Cat” - “Bastet” is coming soon.

As the most loyal child of Rah, Bastet has been hating that terrible coup for many years. Even then Bastet knows that herself can't beat Isis, who has been almost invincible in the world after seizing Rah's power from his name. So Bastet did nothing when Nut's disappearance. She knew that wasn't time yet.

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news | Sep 08.2020

The new hero “King of Oni” - “Shutendouji” is coming soon.

"Well, my lovely wine, looks like we have to part now. If you miss me someday, please have a little drink. Huh, and I'm going to settle today's bill with Seimei now."

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news | Aug 10.2020

The new hero “Goddess of the Hunt” - “Artemis” is coming soon.

As the most beloved children, Artemis and Athena were entrusted with Olympus before Zeus's expedition. The expedition had took too much time even the prisoners of Tartarus got this news somehow. They orchestrated a rebellion to break their chains, even Hades went missing in this riot.

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news | Jul 08.2020