Christmas Skins Discount

news | Dec 24.2018

Dear players, the second wave of Christmas event is coming.

The long-awaited Christmas-limited skins of Hill and Max are officially on the shelves~

Players can log in the game and purchase Christmas skin of Hill or Max separately.

If players purchase Christmas skin bundle then you can enjoy 30% off on it.

Thank all players for your support, and thank you for your love of this Christmas limited skin

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Thank you for your support





Event entrance:

1. When players log in to the game, the event home page will pop up, and players can enter from the Event panel - Time-limited event.

2. Players can also purchase Christmas skin bundle with 30% off in the mall item interface.

Event rules:

1. Duration of the event: December 19, 2018 - December 29, 2018

2. Enjoy a 30% discount on Christmas skin bundle during the event

3. Players cannot enjoy discounts when they purchase any Christmas-limited skin separately.

4. When you have purchased one of the Christmas skin separately and you buy the Christmas Skin bundle again, you can enjoy a 30% discount on the remaining skin in the bundle.