Adjustment Of Cards

news | Feb 12.2019

Dear players, we will adjust the cards in the new version to give you more relaxed and enjoyable gaming experience.

Let's take a look together!

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When the card is reinforced at a specific level, the card may change as followings

1.May be a new attribute.

For example, Heart of Life. When this card is at Lv9, there is no “+1% Max Health”. When this card reaches Lv10, this attribute will be added. This attribute will be remained at Lv11 and Lv12.

2.May be an existing attribute with the same rule as above.

3.May be an existing card effect. Increase the value of the effect.

For example, Necrophilia. When this card reaches the Specific level the maximum number of superpositions will be increased.

Specific level:

Normal card: Lv10 – Lv12

Rare card: Lv8 – Lv10

Epic card: Lv6 – Lv8

Legend card: Lv4 – Lv6

Mysterious card: Lv2 – Lv4