New Hero “Descendant of God” Is Coming

news | Jan 28.2019

The new hero “Descendant of God” - “ Scarlett” has arrived!!!

Scarlett woke up in a wasteland in battle.

Since then, she had become a member of the Knights of Dawn, the victor of that battle.

She had been searching information about her previous life in countless battles.

She encountered a blind priest named Lori in a journey, who told her, "The blood of god flows in your vein, and your home lies in the stars."

Looking upon the starred sky, Scarlett felt the pulse of war in her vein.

Perhaps only the blink between life and death in battles could awaken her true self.

Here is the display of his skills. Let’s go~

【Descendant of God】

    ATTACKS [Slash]

Basic Attack deals 80+0.5ap damage.  

Every 10s, Basic Attack on heroes grants a shield of 12% Max Health for 4s.


   PASSIVE  [Training Manual]

+Basic stats from cards by 5% and charge ratio by 5%.


    SKILLS1 [Heroic Charge]

First Cast:  Reduce movement speed by 15%, gradually increase damage and charging distance in 1.5s for a Charge Hit.

Second Cast: Deal 140(+1.0ap)-210(+1.5ap) damage to enemies along the way.

Stop and deal slight knockback after hitting a hero or a Monster.

[God] state: Greatly increase charge range and lift up field of view.


    SKILLS2 [Mighty Blows]

Press the skill button to crush the Great Sword to the front for 3 times, dealing 100(+0.7ap),140(+0.9ap) , and 200(+1.2ap) damages in sequence.

Hitting enemies at the far end deals {10.1$mis_:0}% bonus damage and knocks up enemies.

[God] state: Ignore 50% armor.


    SKILLS3 [War God's Trial]

Automatically use and stack 1 layer of [War God’s Trial] when Ultimate is fully charged.

Each layer increase 150 HP and 5 ATK strength, up to 5 layers.

Advance to [God] after stacking 5 layers and activate [Baptism]: Deal damage by 150(+0.8ap)+20% of the target’s lost HP.