Summoner Skills Introduction

news | Mar 15.2019

Dear players, a new version of Legends of Ace is coming along

with the long-awaited Summoner Skill system for a better gaming experience.

Let’s check out the new fun!

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Summoner Skills:

1. After selecting a hero, tap the Summoner Skills button to choose two of them for the coming battle;

2.Details of Summoner Skills:

Heal the caster and nearby friendly heroes for 12%  Max HP. Heroes affected by Heal within 60 seconds cause subsequent Heal casts on them to be 50% less effective.

Shield your hero for 240+100*Lv for 2 seconds

Chant for 4 seconds before teleporting to the location of the specified Turret or minion. The spell may be canceled by recasting. At the same time, recover 50% of the CD time.

Teleport your hero a short distance

Remove all control effects on yourself and gain immunity to them for 2 seconds.

Ignite the enemy hero, dealing 120(+10% Max HP) Damage over 4 seconds, occurring Severe Wound and revealing the target for the duration.
Severe Wound: Reduce self-healing and incoming healing effects by 50% for the duration.

Deal 240+80*Lv True Damage to the target monster or enemy minion. Using Punish against healing 120+8% Max HP 

Increase Movement Speed for 12 seconds. Grant a maximum of 30% Movement Speed after accelerating for 4 seconds

Enervate the target enemy hero, reducing the target's damage dealt and  Movement Speed by 40% for 3 seconds.