Hero Selection Function

news | Mar 15.2019

Dear players, to bring you better gaming experience,

we have added Hero Selection function in the upcoming version of Legend of Ace.

Now you can coordinate with your teammates and plan your strategies before the match more easily. Check it out!

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How to Access:

1. Tap the PLAY button in the Lobby to enter the new Team-up interface.

2. After getting ready in the Team-up interface, the player will return to the main interface for matchmaking. After matchmaking is successful, the player will enter the Hero Selection interface.



Hero Selection Functions:


Player List:

1. After the player has selected a hero, his/her avatar will become that of the chosen hero. The hero’s class and summoner skill are chosen will be displayed on the left side.

Hero List:

1. Heroes’ classes: Tank, Warrior, Assassin, Mage, Marksman, and Support, are displayed at the top corner.  

2. Heroes are ranked based on the player’s Proficiency. Heroes with higher Proficiency will be rated at the front.

3. The avatars of available heroes are displayed in high brightness, but they will be darkened once the hero has been selected.

Lock button:

1. You will have 45 sec to select a hero. After selecting one, tap on Confirm to enter the configuration interface.


1. The player can enter and send text messages by tapping Chat Box.

2. Tap the bubble at the left of Chat Bar to pop up Quick Chat and Chat History buttons.

3. Hero position function:

a. Before selecting a hero, you can tap on the five dots to choose from the following positions: Top Laner, Middle Laner, Bottom Laner, Jungler and Support. Let your teammates know which location you would like to play in.

b.After selecting a hero, the hero’s avatar will be displayed on the position you choose. If any other players want a hero from the same situation, your hero will be replaced.

c.After selecting a hero, you can still change its default position: Tap on the map that pops up from Chat and picks a new location. The notification about your change will be sent to your teammates.



Hero configuration function:


Hero Display:

1. When the player selects a hero, the hero’s name, class, illustration, and Summoner Skill will be displayed on the screen. So you can choose the hero skin you can use.

2After selecting a hero, if you choose an unattained skin, the hero in the middle will be darkened, and a price will be displayed. Tap on the price, and a notice about buying the surface will be presented.

3. When the player taps the Deck Edit button, the card configuration interface will pop up for the player to view and select decks.

4. When the player taps the Change Summoner Skill button, available Summoner Skills will pop up for the player to select.

5. You can tap on the Ability button to check the abilities of the hero.

Unlock button:

1. During the 45 sec, you can return to the hero selecting the interface and choose another one at any time by tapping on the Cancel button.