Hero Battle Adjustment

news | Mar 15.2019

Dear players, to bring you better gaming experience,

We have adjusted heroes' battle mechanism in the upcoming version of Legend of Ace. Check it out!

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Hero Level:

1. In the new version, each hero's highest level is adjusted to Lv.20, and the corresponding growth attributes are also changed.

Hero Skill Mechanism:

1. When a hero has leveled up by 1 level, he/she will get 1 Skill Point. Skill Points can be used to upgrade her skills. After the hero reaches level 15, the upgrade will not be able to acquire skill points.

2. The max level for each hero's Skill 1 and Skill 2 is Lv.6, and the max level for Ultimate Skills is Lv.3. The player gets can up to 15 Skill Points in each match.

3. All heroes' Ultimate Skills must now cool down after use. Heroes' skills also cost Mana (some heroes do not cost Mana when using skills.) All heroes' skill growth is also adjusted.