New Hero “Witch of Tempest” Is Coming Soon

news | Apr 15.2019

The new hero “Witch of  Tempest”- “Morgan” is coming soon.

Throughout her life, Morgan had lived with many identities: Sister, lover, priestess, wise woman, and the Queen.

But most of them couldn't stop her from striving for the only one wish of her life—To kill King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

She visited Avalon, the legendary island; She studied magic there and mastered the power to control storm and thunder.

Everything was ready, but when she finally met Arthur, her half-brother, this sister could no longer see the dying man as her enemy.

At that moment, the only bond between them was the one between brother and sister.

In the end, King Arthur rested in peace in Avalon, guarded by Morgan le Fay, the famous witch among the later generations.

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