New map adjustments coming

news | Apr 29.2019

Dear players,

We have updated the map again in the coming version,

Hoping it will bring a better gaming experience with more tactics and fiercer fights.

Check out the changes from below!

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Thank you for your support.



- Map size 80*80 ->100*100
- Minions start spawning at 5s -> 15s
- Minions keep spawning in waves every 20s -> 30s
- Monsters stars spawning at 15s -> 30s
- Attack Power from Killing Emerald Dragon 5% -> 7%
- Respawn time of Emerald Dragon 120s -> 180s
- Duration of buff from Killing Pit Fiend 90s -> 120s
- Respawn time of Pit Fiend 120s -> 180s
- Increased the number of each lane’s towers from 2 to 3
- Changed the symmetry rule

- Heroes taking the bottom lane will meet each other now