Customization System Is Coming Soon

news | Jun 06.2019

Dear Players,

The incoming version will see the installation of Customization System,

where you can alter some graphics-related elements in the game.

By reading the introduction, you will gain a better understanding of the system. Come have a look!


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Customization System grants permission to the alterations of some in-game graphics that apply to a single hero or all heroes.

Currently, the features below will be enabled

【Hero statue】

【Recall effect】

【Killing Border】



[Hero Statue]

It is a system in which the players are allowed to replace the skin of the given turret when they have unlocked the pattern of the statue.

Each hero can be equipped with one corresponding statue at most. The statue feature is enabled only when the players enter the game with an equipped statue and a chosen hero.

If you have been equipped with a non-default statue, you are still allowed to change the skin of the turret when there is an alteration-enabled statue in the game.


[Recall Effect]

A special in-game recall effect will be displayed as the players have configured.

A recall effect applies to multiple heroes, each equipped with one recall effect only.


[Killing Border]

The broadcast will be announced in another manner configured by the players.

The broadcast will only be triggered when “you have slain/assisted the kill of an enemy hero/ a neutral or destruction of a turret”.



- If no such a modification is made, the original settings will prevail in the game.

- The alterations made to a single hero or all heroes will remain effective till your next attempt.


■How to Access to the New System?

In the updated version, the Lobby/Pick/Hero Profile will be configured with UI options that connect the Customization System. If no item is used before the game, no alteration will apply to the game.


■How to Get New Items?

In the new version, the players can obtain permanent items or item trial cards by participating in the event or accomplishing the quest. Each new different item obtained, the  system will mark the item for you to check.