Battle Pass System Is Coming Soon

news | Jun 10.2019

Dear Players,

The incoming version will see the installation of Battle Pass System,

where you can get massive rewards for free in the game.

By reading the introduction, you will gain a better understanding of the system. Come have a look!



The Battle Pass System enables players to get massive free items. Players can constantly level up battle pass with the EXP earned from completed quests and claim rewards in correspondence with the level.


Battle Pass Level: Capped at 50, each level enabling the claim of rewards.

Duration: 1 month. All rewards for and levels of Battle Pass will be reset at the beginning of the month.

Battle Pass Rewards:

- Free Reward: Made available to each player for Battle Pass level-up after update.

- VIP Privilege Reward: Made available to subscribers of Gold VIP or Gold VIP PLUS.



By accomplishing Battle Pass Quests under different modes, the players will get the necessary EXP to level up Battle Pass.

Daily Quest: The quest that will be refreshed each day and completed only once.

Weekly Quest: The quest that will be refreshed each week and completed only once.

Recurring Quest: The quest that will be refreshed upon completion and recurring constantly.

Bounty Quest: An one-time quest.



The Gold VIP can now be purchased with Diamonds. A 30%-off special applies to the first purchase.

The Gold VIP PLUS are granted a 20-level bonus to the Battle Pass based on that of the Gold VIP.



- The VIP who have not renewed the membership may not claim the VIP Privilege Reward.

- The Gold VIP PLUS are granted the 20-level bonus to the Battle Pass only during the purchase (Bound by Lv.50).

- One may not subscribe the Gold VIP and Gold VIP PLUS at the same time.

- One who renews the membership within 30 days of subscription will be entitled to a 20%-off offer(Or an original price after 30 days).