New hero “Azure Monster”- “Siren” is coming soon.

news | Jul 09.2019

The new hero “Azure Monster”- “Siren” is coming soon.


    As a monster on the sea, Siren has nothing to do with the ugly and evil image of her kind. Her human face and fish body harmonize with each other, making her a gorgeous beauty. The melody of her harp, however, is what really attracts the sailors, even if they have heard countless legends during their voyages.
    Touching, tempting, but sometimes lethal, her music can cure the heart of every listener, or kill them by summoning terrifying waves. This willful princess disturbs the heart of every passer-by, granting them pleasure and fear at the same time.
    In history, of all those who have heard the music of Siren, only Odysseus the hero barely maintained sanity. She is like a nightmare, haunting every curious explorer. 


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The skin of Siren will be updated together with new hero