Customization System Is Coming Soon

The incoming version will see the installation of Customization System, where you can alter some graphics-related elements in the game. By reading the introduction, you will gain a better understanding of the system.

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news | Jun 06.2019

New Hero “Royal Elf”- “Elros” is coming soon.

Elros used to be a Half-Elf who had a taller and stronger body than those pure ones. After he was granted the right to choose his identity from the two races, Elros parted with his twin brother Elrond, and became a member of the human’s royal family.

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news | May 27.2019

Adjustment of Hero Names and Backstory

Dear players, in order to improve the overall quality of the games story, Were going to adjust the names and backstories of the heroes. You can check the details of the adjustment in the following chart. Backstories of the heroes will be added to the profile of each hero.

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news | May 07.2019

New Hero “Queen of the Underworld”- “Hela” is coming soon.

As an Asgardian, Hela possesses super power, which allows her to lift 100 tons of anything without effort, almost inexhaustible energy that makes her more resilient than humans and other gods, and even incredible speed.

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news | May 06.2019