September 6th Update - New Hero & Patch Notes

update | Sep 06.2019

Dear players,

A new update (version No.1.33.0) for Legend of Ace is ready.

In preparation for this new version, servers will be offline during the following times:

Australia(UTC/GMT+10): September 6th, 1:00pm -3:00pm  
North America (UTC/GMT-5): September 5th, 11:00pm-1:00am
Europe (UTC/GMT+1): September 6th, 5:00am-7:00am
Asia (UTC/GMT+7): September 6th, 10:00am-12:00pm
South America (UTC/GMT-3): September 6th, 0:00am-2:00am

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Thank you for your support


►【New Hero Arrived】

-------Arthur- [The Once and Future King] -------

Introduction of skills:


Basic Attack deals 70(+100% Attack Power) damage. Add 20(+20%Attack Power)(+5* Level) damage to every third Basic Attack.


  PASSIVE [Chivalry]

If Arthur attacks the same Hero 3 times within 4 seconds, restores 20(+20% Attack Power)(+5* Level)(+3% of the target's Missing Health) health and increases Movement Speed by 20%, lasting 2 seconds. When Arthur's health is less than 40%, increase this healing effect by 100%.


  SKILLS 1 [Red Dragon]

Passive: Increase Arthur's Attack Power by 10/18/26/34/42/50.
Active: Arthur wakes up the Red Dragon to inflict a shock, dealing 100/130/160/190/220/250(+80% Attack Power) damage to nearby enemies and stun them for 0.75 seconds.


  SKILLS 2 [Sword Rush]

Passive: Every Basic Attack against Hero reduces the Cooldown time of this skill by 0.5 seconds. Active: Rush forward and increase Attack Speed by 55%/70%/85%/100%/115%/130% for 4 seconds.


  SKILLS 3 [Avalon]

Arthur summons an Avalon barrier that lasts 4 seconds, reducing the Movement Speed of enemy Heroes within a 4-meter range by 40%, gaining immunity to damage dealt by enemies from 4 meters away.When the barrier is in effect, Arthur can use [Excalibur] once: According to the health loss of the target, deal 200/275/350(+60% Attack Power)-400/600/800(+60% Attack Power) damage to enemies in the target range.


 ►【Game Adjustments】

1. New Function:
-Title, based on Ranking of Hero Power or Rank (check in  Player Info)
-Interactive Gift, completing matches to get gifts and sharing with your friends


2. Function Adjustments:
-Added more languages: Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Korean
-Chests for Heroes' Exclusive Cards are removed from the shelves. Chests for all cards are on shelves now.
-Adjusted Player Info Interface


3. Optimized Prompts and Fixed BUG


4. New Skin:
-Arthur, The Gentleman


5. Hero Balance Adjustments:

[Fearless Cyclone]
Deal 75% damage against non-heroes

[Final Resolve]
Can be casted under control


[Mighty Blows]
Reduce 20% Movement Speed while casting


-Dragon-God Warrior
Can be casted under control


Water Bless]
Summon a barrier of water to protect an ally, making it immune to all damage for 2/2.25/2.5s and healing 150/250/350(+0.4ap) (+10% of the target's Missing Health) health.[Water Bless] cannot be used on Siren.


-Death Tango
Thorn of Darkness]
Damage from 70(+35%Attack Power) -> 100(+50%Attack Power)
Hatred Uprising]
Damage from (+70%Attack Power) -> (+100%Attack Power)


-Queen Of The Underworld
Soul Ferry]
Optimized casting, faster and more effective