May 19th Update - New Hero & Patch Notes

update | May 19.2020

Dear players,

A new update (version No.1.44.0) for Legend of Ace is ready.

In preparation for this new version, servers will be offline during the following times:

Australia(UTC/GMT+10): May 19th, 2:15pm -4:15pm
North America (UTC/GMT-5): May 19th, 12:15am-2:15am
Europe (UTC/GMT+1): May 19th, 6:15am-8:15am
Asia (UTC/GMT+7): May 19th, 11:15am-1:15pm
South America (UTC/GMT-3): May 19th, 1:15am-3:15am

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Thank you for your support


►【New Hero Arrived】

-------Odin - [The Lord of Valhalla] -------

Introduction of skills:

  ATTACKS[Spear Strike]

Basic Attack deals 375(+80%Attack Power) damage.


  PASSIVE [Einherjar]

[Einherjar] guard the [Valhalla] and follow the call of Odin.
Summon a [Einherjar] for each kill, Ability hit on  each Hero or Basic Attack each 3s.
At most 4 [Einherjars] could be summoned, over-summons will replace the [Einherjar] which has least last time. Each [Einherjar] deals 100(+25 *level)(+25% Attack Power) damage,last 6s.
[Einherjar] will return to [valhalla] after taking 3 times damage , 1 time damage from the turret or being replaced , and restore Health base on the its remaning time for Odin,50(+20 *level)(+20% Armor) at least


  SKILLS 1 [Judgment of Spear]

Summons a spear on target area ,deals 500/700/900/1100/1300/1500(+80%Attack Power) and 40% MovementSpeed reduction for 2s


  SKILLS 2 [Valhalla]

Summons the [Valhalla] around for 3s where enemies will be slowed by30%/35%/40%/45%/50%/55%.
All the [Einherjar] will return to [Valhalla] and [Valhalla] will continuously summon [Einherjar]s until the limit.


  SKILLS 3 [Gungnir]

Odin throws his Gungnir to target Hero after unstoppable charging power for 1.5s.
Gungnir will stun the target for 1.5s and then go straight on until streaking out of the BattleField.
Gungnir will deals 1500/2000/2500(+100% Attack Power) damage to the enemies along its way.


 ►【Game Adjustments】

1. Gameplay Adjustments:
-Adjustment of Monsters and [Wander Hunter]
Reduced the reducation of damage taken and extra Exp from monsters , reduced the reducation of Exp from lane
Reduced the Hp, Attack Power and Exp gaining of monsters.
Reduced the damage of Talent [Punish]

-Adjustment of Lane
Reduced the Hp of minions, reduced the damage taken within the early stages of the game.

-Adjustment of Hero Defeating Exp
Increased the Hero Defeating Exp of early stages, reduced the Hero Defeating Exp of late stages slightly.

-Adjustment of Hero's Attributes
Adjusted all the Heroes' Attributes and Growth slightly
Reduced the initial Attributes of Marksman and increased their growth slightly.
Changed Dracula , Vampire Earl's job to Warrior


2. Hero Balance Adjustments:

-Ability [Roar Of Aeolus]
Changed the effective rang. It could be used to blow the sprite now

-Mid Card Ⅱ.  [Thunder Spirit]
Increased the fly speed of Spirit


-Early Card Ⅰ.  [Lava Ray]
Increased the last time from 2s to 3s


-Early Card Ⅰ.  [Heavy Mech]
-15 MovementSpeed  ->  -12% MovementSpeed


3. Card Adjustments:
-Mid Card Ⅱ.  [Evolution Of Jurassic Period]
+325 Attack Power  ->  +200 Attack Power