August 14th Update - New Hero

update | Aug 13.2020

Dear players,

A new update for Legend of Ace is ready on August 14th.

In preparation for this new update, servers do not need offline.


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►【New Hero Arrived】

------- Shutendouji - [King of Oni] -------

Introduction of skills:

  ATTACKS[Liquor Cut]

Basic Attack deals 375(+100%AttackPower) damage, gaining 10 [Tipsy]


  PASSIVE [Drunk]

Shutendouji's Basic Attacks and Abilities generate [Tipsy] (up to 100). At max [Tipsy], his next Basic Attack will be enhanced. The Enhanced Basic Attack gains 100(+50* Level)(+20%Attack Power) bonus damage and makes him become [Drunk] for up to 4 seconds, allowing he immediately cast once Ability 1 or Ability 2 with no Mana and no Cooldown. 
[Tipsy] depletes if there is no [Tipsy] generated in 4 seconds.


  SKILLS 1 [Blade Strike]

Dash forward, dealing 500/700/900/1100/1300/1500(+80%Attack Power) damage to all enemies he passes through. Generate 20 [Tipsy], plus 5 [Tipsy] per enemy on hit.


  SKILLS 2 [Shadow Strike]

Shutendouji becomes untargetable and dashes to nearby enemies, dealing 500/700/900/1100/1300/1500(+80%AttackPower) damage, then returning to his start location. Generate 20 [Tipsy], plus 5 [Tipsy] per enemy on hit.


  SKILLS 3 [Liquor Pool]

Smash a gourd at a target location, dealing 1000/1750/2500(+100%AttackPower) damage to enemies and generating 20 [Tipsy]. The gourd leaves behind a Liquor Pool that lasts 5 seconds, generating 5 [Tipsy] every 0.2 second(s) to himself in the area.